I am a Navy veteran of the Iraq War and have had a lifelong fascination with history, especially military history, and currently work in the history field.  I’m starting this blog to share the history, stories, and news about the role of America and her people in World War II.  I had several family members that served during the war, including my grandfather and several great uncles, whom were like Gods to me.  My friends and I were fascinated by the stories told by these men, never realizing that they only talked about the funny things they remembered from their time in the service…never the fear experienced during combat, or the heartbreak of losing a friend.  With the sad knowledge that these men are now passing on, I think it’s important to remember them and continue the stories and traditions that they have passed on to us.

2 comments on “About

  1. Eugene Hough says:

    Is there a phone number or email POA for you.
    I would like to share with you our American Legion program Saving Hallowed Ground.
    Please see our video on You Tube..Saving Hallowed Ground.
    We have similar interests in recognizing and preserving the stories of our Veterans.
    Thank you.
    Eugene Hough Saving Hallowed Ground Hguildworks@aol.com

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