Altogether, twenty-four ships were sunk or damaged by the kamikazes that day. Though the suicide planes had not succeeded in penetrating to the beaches, the cost to the United States Navy had been high. And April 6 was only a prelude to mounting terror in the seas off Okinawa. Onishi’s planes were not the only […]

via The Tactics of Despair II — Weapons and Warfare

Currently Reading ‘The Fleet at Flood Tide: America At Total War in the Pacific, 1944-1945’ by James Hornfischer

Has anyone read this? I’m not too far along, but am surprised that he’s included Col. Paul Tibbets as a historical character to focus on. Not that it’s a bad thing at all, I just think it’s an interesting call, especially in a book you think is going to be (mostly) all about the Navy (and Marine Corps). I’m enjoying it a great deal.

Currently Reading Deadly Sky: The American Combat Airman in World War II by John C. McManus

I’ve known John for a few years now and don’t think he’d mind my calling him a friend, despite the fact that he’s a fan of one of the worst teams in professional hockey (the St. Louis Blues). Ok, so maybe now he’ll mind. But even though he hates my Detroit Red Wings, I still think he’s a truly gifted writer, and a very good historian that does some great research and shares a tremendous fascination in the American history of the Second World War with his readers.

Since leaving my job with the US Army a few years ago, I’m a bit out of the loop concerning what he’s been working on, but I’m always excited when I see that he has a new book out because I know he’ll always include great firsthand accounts from the men that were there doing the fighting.

I just started reading the book this weekend but hope to have a review done sometime soon.