Antony Beevor Lecture


Noted author and historian Antony Beevor has been conducting research in our archives for the past week. He was kind enough today to do a “brownbag” lunch lecture to a group of us concerning various research techniques in the archives he has visited around the world, especially the nuances of conducting research in the notorious Russian archives just after the fall of the Communist government there in the early 1990s. I tried to record most of it with my cell phone (only remembering I actually had it on me about two minutes into the start of his lecture) and will attempt to upload it as soon as I can, if, and that’s a big IF, everything recorded correctly and I can pull it up and get it on here. I’m still attempting to master technology and the intricacies of cell phone recordings, so please be a little patient. For those that may not be familiar with Mr. Beevor’s work, he has written some great books concerning World War II, including the excellent Stalingrad, D-Day: The Battle of Normandy; and Berlin: The Downfall 1945.

6 comments on “Antony Beevor Lecture

  1. I was at a history conference in Canberra last September. Beevor spoke there. I then bought his book, The Second World War, and read it while on a Pacific War lecture cruise.

  2. Great stuff. I am looking forward to see those videos if you manage to upload them 😉

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