Remembering an NHL Talent Killed in World War II

Red Wings goaltender Joe Turner was killed in action in the Hurtgen Forest during World War II.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a big hockey fan, especially of the Detroit Red Wings.  However, it’s been extremely hard for me to hide my disgust with this season’s NHL lockout, and the apparent greed of both the owners and the players.  Below is a link to a story about one hockey player that put his own dreams on hold to give all for his country.  The article discusses the talented Red Wings goaltender Joe Turner, who was killed in December 1944.  Turner had just started out in his career with the Wings when he gave it all up to go fight the Nazis.  Incredibly, Turner was a native of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, but fought in the US Army.  With Veterans Day this Sunday, keep in mind how war destroys not only lives, but ruins any future potential talent, discoveries, inventions, and thought that could be contributed to mankind.  Let us also remember the veterans of all wars and how they gave so much of themselves for our future.  We owe them all a great debt that can never be repaid, so the very least we can do is try to live to our full potential.

Joe Turner’s Ultimate Sacrifice

2 comments on “Remembering an NHL Talent Killed in World War II

  1. zippom2 says:

    Very interesting and sad. God bless him and all of our veterans on veterans day 11/11 and every day. By the way I am a huge Buffalo Sabres supporter and I also am disgusted with the lock out. Millionaires against Multi Millionaires and all the fans lose!

    • navyphoto22 says:

      Couldn’t agree more Zip! I wish they could get rid of Gary Bettman and just come to terms and play some hockey. Until then, I have my sons games and AHL games to go watch!

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