“The Real Inglorious Bastards”

Interesting article from the War History Online site (see link below).   The article concerns Canadian director Min Sook Lee, and her research involving real Jewish-Americans working with OSS after wondering if Quentin Tarantino’s revenge-fantasy film ‘Inglorious Basterds’ may have an actual basis in reality.  Lee was able to find some former OSS operatives that somewhat fit the bill, at least in their desire to kill Nazis.  I’ve defended the film in the past, despite its playing fast and loose with actual historical events, because I did find the film entertaining for all it’s eye-rolling, groan-inducing and ridiculous mirth.  What I’ve never understood, however, is why Hollywood continues to make these shoddy “history” films when they have so many exciting and true-life stories to draw from. 

After having read this article, I was reminded of Howard Blum’s book The Brigade:  An Epic Story of Vengeance, Salvation, and WWII, which told the story of Jewish soldiers in the British Army that took vengeance on Nazis after the war had ended.  Now there’s a story that should be adapted for a movie! 

“The Real Inglorious Bastards”

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