The Loss of Veterans

The loss of veterans means many things to us as a nation.  And well it should.  It’s more than just the passing of grandma and grandpa, or mom and dad.  We all lose years of knowledge and experience.  Couple that with the loss of so many of the amazing stories from people that lived in extraordinary times and did extraordinary things, and the passing of our World War II veterans really gains perspective.  They helped to save the world in a time when madmen tried to do their best to destroy it and remake it in their image.  They then came home and raised families, worked hard, and lived quiet, peaceful lives.  Now they are leaving us just as quiet and peacefully, with no complaint or ill words about what they had to endure.  I hope the mark they have left on our lives will forever remain.

Death of World War II Veterans Is An Irreplaceable Loss

2 comments on “The Loss of Veterans

  1. Brad Hoopes says:

    I have a project of interviewing and preserving the stories of veterans. I am scrambling like hell to save as many stories as I can here in northern Colorado.

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