Training for the North African Campaign

After the defeat of Axis forces in Northern Africa, Allied troops prepared to use the territory to launch attacks on Italy and other parts of southern Europe. Here, a U.S. Air Transport Command plane, loaded with war supplies, flies over the pyramids at Giza, near Cairo, Egypt, in 1943. US Army Photo

This weekend (it actually is kicking off right now as I write this) the US Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is having their annual Living History Event.  This year, the topic is the training that US forces received before being sent to the North African Campaign.  Below I’ll attach the website so you can see some of the events that will take place (including the weapons used in North Africa, a meet and greet with WWII veterans, and a parachute jump demonstration).

Schedule of Events for Training for the North African Campaign

American GIs prepare to land in Tunisia during Operation Torch, 1943.

One comment on “Training for the North African Campaign

  1. John Meekins says:

    Thanks for telling me. I knew about the landing, mainly because of reading Ernie Pyle’s book.

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