The Nazis Stole Iron Man!


It’s funny how you can be reading about one thing, and shortly thereafter, you see something related to what you were reading somewhere else.

To be more clear, one of the several books I’m currently reading is Adrian Weale’s Army of Evil: The History of the SS.  I’m only about 180 or so pages into it, but so far it is pretty good.  Last night I was exploring the somewhat mind-numbing rundown of Himmler’s windingly confusing SS command structure:  main offices, sub-offices, and every other office in-between.  Anyways, I had just made it through the various offices of the Race Departments within the SS, which of course slightly discusses Himmler’s interest in the Occult and German mysticism.  Weale then briefly mentions Ernst Schafer, a German zoologist and SS officer.  Schafer made three trips to Tibet, all funded by the SS in the 1930s.  Officially, he was there to look at several species of birds and other animals (you know, zoologist stuff), but Himmler had something much more occultish in mind-he wanted Schafer to find the origins of the Aryan race. 

So this morning I was perusing through a few news sites, as I sometimes do, to see what’s happening with this world of ours, and lo and behold, I come across an article concerning something related to Schafer and the Nazis.  It concerns a statue known as the “Iron Man” that is apparently of some Buddhist deity (although I didn’t know Buddhists had deities, but whatever).  This statue had been carved from space rock centuries ago, and had a swastika on its chest, a symbol that once stood for peace before those pesky Nazis appropriated it.  Anyways, just one of those funny coincidences I thought I’d share, and the statue itself is pretty cool.  Here’s the link to the story:

The Iron Man

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