4 comments on “Opinion Poll-Theater of Operations in World War II

  1. Rodney Parker says:

    As a Marine and as the son of a Marine who served in the Pacific I would say the Pacific holds a great deal of interest for me. In my twenty year career, I spent most of my time on the West Coast or stationed in the Western Pacific. My father’s service was unique in that he was a sea-going Marine serving aboard the USS Nashville CL-43 which supported the advance of US Army troops from New Guinea to the Philippines.

    • navyphoto22 says:

      Rodney, my grandfather fought in Europe during WWII, so the ETO was always fascinating to me, but as a former Navy man, my interests have been leaning towards the Pacific more and more over the past decade or so. The sheer brutality of the campaigns and battles in the Pacific is unreal. The Japanese were one of the most tenacious and brutal enemies Americans have ever fought. Salute to your father and yourself. Having served alongside of Marines, all I can say about them is I’m glad they are on our side!

  2. John S says:

    I have two uncles who served with Army in the European theater and my father was in the Pacifc with the Navy at the end of the war. Serving 3years in Germany I became more partial to the European theater given I was able to travel and visit many sites invaolved in WWII to include the post I was stationsed at, Bad Kissingen(Manteuffel kaserne)

    • navyphoto22 says:

      Hi John, I’ve heard from other guys (mostly Army) that had been stationed in Germany that they often were able to visit WWI and WWII battlefields. Doesn’t sound like a such a bad posting!

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